concerned about google reviews disappearing

Concerned About Your Google Reviews Disappearing?

Have you seen your Google reviews disappearing without any explanation?

In this blog post and accompanying video, we dive into the reasons behind this rising challenge and what you can do about it. If you’ve experienced review removals or have concerns about your Google Business reviews, read on to get the answers you need.


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Why Are Google Reviews Disappearing?

There is a significant development in the world of online reviews, particularly on Google. The platform is undergoing a review shake-up in order to combat review spam. However, this cleanup effort is not without its challenges, as it’s also inadvertently causing legitimate Google reviews to disappear.


The Importance of Google Reviews

Google reviews have always played a vital role in the online visibility and reputation of businesses. Experience has shown that reviews are the number one factor influencing visibility in maps. In an era where consumers heavily rely on online reviews to make informed decisions, businesses need to adapt to these changes to maintain a strong presence.


What’s the Problem?

The current review shake-up is both good news and bad news. We can all agree that when fake Google reviews disappear, it’s a good thing. If one of your competitors has more reviews than you, but they aren’t real, wouldn’t you want them removed so your real reviews can shine through?

The bad news is that we’re also seeing legitimate Google reviews disappear along with the low-quality, spammy, and fake ones. With Google placing increased importance on reviews for map visibility, this poses a significant challenge for businesses aiming to maintain or enhance their online presence.


Impacts on Business Visibility

In local businesses, particularly those serving a specific geographic area, visibility in the map pack is paramount. The map pack, which displays businesses related to a user’s query, heavily relies on the quantity and quality of reviews. The current changes mean that if your authentic reviews are removed, it could drop your business in the map rankings.

Here’s how it works: When someone searches for “driveway repair company near me” Google will recognize that and show them paving companies in their geographic area. It will also rank the results based on 3 things: reviews, the number of reviews, and the quality of reviews. If you were looking at that, who would you call? The paving company with the most and best reviews.


What Your Business Can Do

Our team has conducted tests with our customers, and the results are clear: a steady stream of reviews can transform a weak or average map presence into a strong one. The correlation between positive reviews and increased phone calls is undeniable. It’s not just about visibility; it’s about the positive feedback loop that comes with consistent and positive reviews.

The key takeaway for your paving business is clear: you must get legitimate reviews. It’s not optional; it’s integral, so it must be incorporated into your customer processes. Whether using customer management software or specific platforms, there are countless ways to encourage and collect reviews. They all have one thing in common: the responsibility lies in both implementing a review strategy and consistently enforcing it with your team.



As Google continues to refine its review platform, your business needs to adapt and prioritize authentic reviews. In a landscape where online presence is synonymous with success, navigating the evolving terrain of Google reviews is crucial. By making reviews an integral part of your business processes, you not only adapt to the current changes but also set the stage for long-term success in an era where Google has become the modern Yellow Pages.


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