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Paving Marketers was started to provide specialist marketing services to the paving industry.

This industry has been overlooked by marketers - you'll find 20 different specialist marketing companies chasing dentists and even more chasing lawyers, but very few focus on paving and engineering.

The need is the same - potential customers (both residential and commercial) look for paving contractors the same way they look for dentists, lawyers, HVAC guys, and any other local service: in Google.

When you choose a marketing partner, why choose someone who doesn't know your industry? We do, and we have service plans built around industry knowledge that are proven to work. Call us today to find out more!

About Our Team

We’re a team of web, digital marketing, SEO, and operations professionals. Heaviside Group was founded in 2011 as a side project and has continued to grow and expand year after year.

Our group is divided into four internal teams: Web, Digital Marketing, SEO, and Operations. Each team has specialists in those disciplines, and they work together to deliver projects accurately and on-time. Everything is managed by our operations team, which provides sales, customer service, and project management support to our clients.

In 2017, we launched our Heaviside Digital platform, designed to provide high-quality web, digital marketing, and SEO services to businesses with lower marketing budgets.

No matter what your project or budget is, we have a solution for you. Contact us today to learn more.


President and Founder

Chris leads our company and is an expert SEO, SEM, and web developer. Prior to Paving Marketers he completed all but his PhD in physics before moving to business. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and is a pretty solid guitar player.

Creative Director

Sarah oversees the creative direction of Paving Marketers. She has a background in art and design, and prides herself on never saying too much.

Donna Stone
Administrative Assistant

Donna comes to us with 30 plus years of administrative service. She has an intense background in the office world.

She loves to travel to see her 3 children and 7 grandchildren on the East Coast and out West. She loves living on a small island in Florida that is full of music.

Jason T
Business Development Representative

I have over 20-years of Sales & Marketing Experience, with 3 of that in SEO specifically. I genuinely enjoy working with businesses to provide solutions to help them achieve their goals.


Shannon Conway
Operations Manager

Shannon's mission at Paving Marketers is to unblock, streamline, plan, and optimize so our dedicated specialists can spend all their time focusing on bringing in leads and growing your customer base.

Mike Moselina
Operations Supervisor

Mike handles the management of all client projects. He helps keep track of progress, timelines, and deliverables. Together with the Operations Team, they support the specialist teams with all the processes and information needed to bring every project to completion. He enjoys doing DIY projects in his leisure time, spending time with his dogs, and going on road trips, driving around, playing good old school music.

Faith Millares
Customer Relationship Specialist

Faith works as a Client Relationship Specialist and is responsible for providing clients with excellent experience. On weekends, Faith hangs out by the beach or in a coffee shop.

Patrick Reyes
Operations/Process Specialist

Patrick monitors the tasks of team members, optimizes processes and procedures for maximum efficiency, and ensures that deliverables are met. He aspires to capture life's incredible moments through photography and film.

Krystal Foronda
Operations Specialist

Krystal is a Virtual Assistant for more than 4 years and has been with HVG for 3 years. She does the back-end reporting for the company as well as administrative tasks to support the team. On the other side, she is an inspirational Author with an advocacy to spread hope to those who are struggling in life.


Joe Pfeiffer
Web Manager

Joe brings over 20 years of web development experience to the Heaviside Group. Always intrigued by advances in information technology, he enjoys the art and challenge of programming clean and elegant code. As a musician and data nerd, he's grateful to be involved in work that combines the artistic with the analytical as a means to connect people with the info they seek. Joe is a proud husband and dad of three, with a deep love of God and music.

Mhikael Divinagracia
Web Designer

Mhikael has over 12 years of experience in web design and development and has been in the company for over 5 years. He has a passion for digital art development and creating aesthetic and user-friendly website interface. Outside of work, you'll probably hear him playing different kinds of musical instruments. He also loves to do artwork on both textile canvas and the skin dermis, a.k.a. tattooing.


Kai Abuan
SEO Manager

Kai is an SEO professional with a freelance and project management background. He comes from a tech family and has always been immersed in the diverse world of digital marketing. Outside of Heaviside he is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and still continues to teach martial arts and work with the youth of the community. He enjoys melding together teamwork and strategy to create the best outcome for our clients. He is a passionate family man with a wife and two children.

Raphael Lobrin
SEO Specialist

Raphael (a.k.a Rafi) focuses on local SEO. He's into volunteer work, and aside from coffee, dad puns power him through the day. In fact there's a dad joke hidden in this writeup... just wait, it will be apparent soon. 😀

Ace Tiongco
SEO Specialist

I am an SEO Specialist currently assigned in Keyword Research and Link Building. Watching anime is my favorite thing to do during my spare time. I'm a certified coffee addict and I can't start the day without my daily dose of caffeine.


The number 1 marketing company for paving contractors - we don't work with anyone else!

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